Harriet Bazley

Mini-bio ... well, I started programming on 8-bit computers in 1995 - about ten years after everyone else - learned Locomotive BASIC on the Amstrad CPC, and eventually graduated to 32-bit Acorn machines when the local primary school gave me an ex-school A4000 and paid for a copy of Impression Publisher as payment in kind for some work I'd done for them. I later acquired a 33Mhz A5000 with a PC card at a cost of 30 pounds from Esher College, where it had been used in the office to run Windows(!), found a good home for the PC card, and have been using this machine to program in BASIC and assembler ever since, having upgraded it over the years with a fast IDE interface, CD-ROM, scanner podule, 8Mb memory and, most recently, hardware floating-point acceleration....

I'm female, and like to wear long skirts (see photograph); otherwise, I don't let this fact impede me too much. I don't drink, smoke, swear or cycle through red traffic lights - my less savoury habits are my own affair. I prefer to use old technology where possible; never mind mobile telephones, I'm still using a dial telephone! Least likely to be found: hanging out down at the nightclub with my mates. Most likely to be found: wandering bare-foot up and down the garden, scribbling stories of high adventure with a fountain-pen.

My programs can all be found on my brother Christopher's website - for a long time more of the software there was mine than his, but recently he has been catching up!

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