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How You Can Contribute

If you can think of a subject which isn't here, and you know a bit about it, then please feel free to write an article. If you don't feel up to writing a full article but you have some notes or example code which would still be helpful, then please send that instead. It could encourage others (or yourself) to add to it later. Or, if there's an existing article which could be corrected or expanded, then have a go.

I can't think of anything to write about!

Have a look at the wishlist page. This is a list of things that other people want to know about - things which you may turn out to be an expert on!

I've done some articles, but they're on my own site.

No problem! Just give permission, and I'll add your site to the contents as an external link. As long as I'm not linking to a site with any blatant advertising, porn, pyramid schemes, Gary Rhodes fanpics or other offensive material then I'm happy. And if you ever need to clear space on your site, I'd love to 'adopt' such material from you.

Also, if you have a website, it would be really useful if you could provide a link to this one. I want to 'put it about a bit' as much as possible!

I'm looking for information on a subject which you don't appear to have!

E-mail me and let me know (the e-mail address is on the front-page). I'll search through the extensive library (haha) of RISC OS publications (as scrounged from friends, shows, E-bay, car-boot sales, etc) and see if I can find it. If not, I'll add the subject to the wishlist.
Also, if you ask your question on comp.sys.acorn.programmer and get a good response (it happens occasionally), it would be really useful if you could turn this into a mini-article-ette (just a Question and Answer would be fine) for inclusion. I'm happy to contact the other party and beg permission if you don't want to.
I try to read CSAP and glean for such articles, but I haven't found the time recently.

Can't code, won't code. But I'd like to help!

Can you draw? If you can colour-in without sticking your tongue out, you are already more qualified than me. It would be great to have some nice icons, logos, a better colour-scheme, and maybe even a cutey mascot. If there's one thing we can all learn from Linus Torvalds, it's that keeping your tacky-merchandising options open is as important as good process management code. I hope to be selling cuddly-toys and "Honk if you love !Edit" carstickers at next-year's Wakefield show.

Can't draw. Anything else?

Can you type? Have a magazine collection? Scanner? If you'd like to spend an evening turning an old article or two into electronic form, that would be great. Even doing a little one would be a help! Get in contact and we'll suss out which mags you have that I have permission to duplicate.

Can't draw, too busy/knackered to type, but I'd still like to contribute!

I wouldn't say no to a donated Iyonix ...

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