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Many Thanks

In no particular order ...

Copyright Holders and Contributors: Paul Beverley, Paul Johnson, Tony Houghton, Steve Turnbull, Stuart Halliday, Harriet Bazley, Ray Favre (Dr. Wimp), Rob Johnson, David Holden, Rex Palmer, Brian Pickard, Gavin Wraith, and John Cartmell.

People who have donated their magazine collections: My mad uncle John (all his Micro Users and Acorn Computings), Barry Thompson (big box of Archives), Andy Marks (two boxes of Archimedes World magazines - and he even delivered them!), and Chris Dawson (bag of Archives).

Kind host of this site: Richard Godwin, and everyone else at The Icon Bar.

Other thanks: My long-suffering wife, whoever converted all the Archive magazines into fully-linked HTML (you beauty!), Chris Williams, Eddie Lord, all the members of DARC (exciting, super-intelligent virile underwear models), Tim Nash, Richard Goodwin, Phil Pemberton, Paul Vigay, Mike Cook and Richard Hallas.